Morgan Faith: born and raised in Utah, dance teacher and barre instructor, singer, writer, and lover.

Jesse: born and raised in California, salesman, entrepreneur, dreamer, visionary, giver, and goof-ball.

Ever Joy: born on December 19, 2015, spunky, happy, sassy, and sweet. A little girl purposed to spread joy wherever she goes.  

We met at Bible College, or "bridal college" as they may accurately say, dated for a year and a half, got engaged on Valentine's day, and wed on August 16, 2014. We are an ordinary family living in the grace of God in Southern California, raising our little family, and hoping to be a flicker of light in this dark world. 

And these are our days together. The bits and pieces of who we are. The days given to us from above to live out for the glory of God. The days that pass as a mist on the wind. These are the letters to Ever (and whoever may come after), as a legacy to be kept and cherished, so to remember the lives we led and the love we shared.