Utah in October | a vacation

Utah in October | a vacation

Utahhhhhhhh. How many blogs can I write about Utah? We usually visit my family in southern Utah, but this time we did a little family vacation in Park City area for the weekend, then spent another 3 days with our friend in SLC. I love northern Utah, and was not so secretly hoping Jesse would fall as in love with it as I am and beg me to move there. But, yeah, that didn't happen... 

As always, we took millions of pictures. I don't have the energy to write down every little thing we did, ate, and saw, so here's just a big old photo dump. 

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ba-ba-barbara, santa barbara

ba-ba-barbara, santa barbara

So we were planning to go to Santa Barbara to celebrate Jesse's mom's birthday. It's about 2.5 hours from us, so we thought we could leave early and get there to explore for the whole day. Well, being the procrastinators we are, we didn't get there till 5:30pm... So, we got to explore a little but I was super bummed we didn't get to do more. So we'll definitely be going back. Ever was in the worst mood, and screamed her head off anytime we said "picture" or brought the camera out. But I might too if someone was trying to force me to hold still when my gums hurt like crazy and all I want to do is run wild and free like my older cousins.

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In the kitchen with model meals


Have you ever been so hungry but you're like "ugh, I don't feel like preparing a huge meal" or "ugh, I haven't gone grocery shopping and we have nothing!" or "ugh, nothing I make tastes good!" 

Well I have. Pretty much every day. So what do I do? I end up eating junk, snacking on whatever I can find, or something going out to get something that's fast and easy.  

That was before Model Meals, however. Model Meals is an organic, locally sourced, paleo and whole 30 approved, meal delivery service in Southern California. You order your meals online, and they come to your door ready to pop in the oven or on the skillet. Easy. Fast. Healthy. AMAZING. 

My life has been changed.  

For $125, I was able to order 8 meals, 3 RX bars, a jar of ghee, and some chicken jerky. Β 

Instead of going out to buy a meal at a restaurant that may or may not be organic/healthy, i'd rather spend the same amount or less on a meal that IS organic, that I can make in the comfort of my own home. 


Seriously delicious. I will definitely be ordering from them in the future. 


they have a referral program. So if you refer a friend, they get $25 off their first meal, and you get $25 off your next meal. Β 

Here's my referral link for $25 off your first meal: Β https://www.talkable.com/x/LFAH3y

5 minute booty burn

I love getting a little workout in during naptime on the days I'm not teaching barre, even if it's only working one are of my body, it's better than nothing. so here's a fun glute workout that I've been loving. 

Remember to keep your core tight, and squeeze your glutes everytime you lift. If done right, you'll feel this in your glutes, hamstrings, inner thighs, thighs, and even abs!  

Do 10 of each (lifts, pulses, squeezes).

let me know if you try it! 


bra: here (on sale!)Β 

leggings: here (use code MORGANSUA50 for 20% off at carbon38!)