5 months of Ever Joy

Our little Every Joy is five months old! 


She's just starting to roll over from her back to belly. I came into our bedroom one nap time to find her awake on her belly (she was on her back) and I was horrified because if she rolled the opposite way she would have fallen off the bed. She's grabbing anything and everything she can reach. She's watching us while we eat and moving her mouth as if she wants what we're eating. It makes me feel really bad. She's pushing up on her hands while on her tummy, as well as on her knees, and rolling easily from her belly to back. She's fascinated by faces, and smiles at (most) everyone who smiles at her. But don't you dare hold her, she only likes to be held by mom or dad. She likes the color blue, she'll choose something blue over other colors. Daddy is the only one who can make her laugh. And she's a whopping 17 pounds! 




To talk and yell

When people tell her she's cute

Her IKEA kitty rattle

Her Hazel Village animals

Grabbing her toes


Faces, and grabbing faces

To be on daddy's shoulders



The car seat, getting better slowly

Sitting, she just wants to stand

Tummy time

When she can't get something in her mouth

Or when she drops something she was playing with

Putting clothes on


Highlights from her 5th month of life: