Mom Style | Pink Blush

Pink Blush is well-known as a maternity boutique, but many don't know that they carry non-maternity as well! Also, most things can actually work for both maternity and non maternity. There are so many unique-to-the-brand pieces that you won't find anything else. I was asked to choose three pieces to style, and it was such a hard choice! But I narrowed it down to these three:

Olive Bamboo Lace-Up Back Dress 

My husband picked this one, and I loved the color of this dress, it will transition perfectly from summer to fall. It's so comfy, and I love that I can just throw it on without much thought for accessorizing. The color and fabric is perfection, and the back detail is just the cherry on top. 


Mocha Floral Off Shoulder Blouse

I'm loving this off-the-shoulder trend, and I know I'm not alone... otherwise, it wouldn't be a trend. I was drawn to the floral pattern on this shirt, and upon receiving it I realized that it can be either a dress, or a blouse.  


Grey Cold Shoulder Maxi Dress

Another trend, the cold shoulder. I'm a sucker for maxi dresses, but I rarely find one I feel comfortable in. This one is just the right amount of flowy, with cute slits in the side. 


And, of course, no blog post in complete without a few solo shots of my best friend.