ba-ba-barbara, santa barbara

So we were planning to go to Santa Barbara to celebrate Jesse's mom's birthday. It's about 2.5 hours from us, so we thought we could leave early and get there to explore for the whole day. Well, being the procrastinators we are, we didn't get there till 5:30pm... So, we got to explore a little but I was super bummed we didn't get to do more. So we'll definitely be going back. Ever was in the worst mood, and screamed her head off anytime we said "picture" or brought the camera out. But I might too if someone was trying to force me to hold still when my gums hurt like crazy and all I want to do is run wild and free like my older cousins.

As always, we took enough pictures to make it look like a full on vacation. And here they are:

Our first stop was State Street, which is full of cute shops and white walls. Our second stop was Mission Lawn, perfect for putting down a blanket and watching the sunset.