Ever's Room

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I've been planning this post for a while, and I finally feel like her room is "finished" enough to finally post it. It's been a work in progress, but so fun. I've never gotten to decorate a kids' room before, so this was new but also so exciting to me. 

Ever's room is the technical bedroom in our house. Meant to be the master bedroom. But, we put our bedroom upstairs in the loft and her room here. Because our house is so small, there's a lot of built-in storage. We have these cabinets and drawers that look kind of strange in a bedroom, and they also make it very hard to arrange furniture and decorations because there are only 2 usable walls. But I made it work. If I need to get into the drawers or cabinets I simply move whatever is in front of it. 

The middle drawers pictured below houses Ever's diapers, art supplies, socks and hats, and pajamas. The cabinet on the left used to have toys in it but I threw a bunch away and moved some under her bed so it's kind of empty now. And the cabinet on the right holds Jesse's shoes. Yep, we all share the storage in this room. 

Her room isn't quite finished yet. There are some things I still want to add such as some colorful throw pillows for her bed and teepee, maybe a comforter or a floral printed sheet.. But for now this is what it is and I love it. I often just sit in there because I love it so much. Girly, but not too girly. And just completely and totally Ever. 

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