Ever's Unicorn First Birthday Party

Happy 1st birthday to our little Ever Joy! 

This party, though a lot of work, was so much fun to plan. I've never planned a birthday party before, and the last event I planned was our wedding, soo I was a little rusty. And I totally thought it was going to be a disaster, but it all worked out! Thanks to my list making skills and my amazing mom for helping. 

The theme for Ever's party was 'whimsical unicorn'. The reason I chose this theme is because when Ever was 7 months old we went to Las Vegas for Jesse's grandma's birthday (a yearly tradition) and while at Circus Circus, Jesse won Ever a little unicorn out of a claw machine (that he's weirdly good at, btw. He once won me two in one..). It was the unicorn from Despicable Me. And when Jesse pulled it out of the machine and handed it to her, she let out the most excited scream as if to say "it's so fluffy!!!" and grabbed it out of his hands. 

I didn't want the party to be like cheesy unicorn status, but whimsical and fairyland/fairytaleish. 

I searched high and low on amazon and etsy to find the perfect touches for her party. Thank you to Twigs and Twirls LLC and Balloon and Paper for contributing! 

All products will be linked at the bottom of the post. 


All the things:

The macrame hanging behind the dessert table, and yarn tassel garland on the high chair was made by my mom. This is her etsy shop, you can contact her for custom orders. Cake stands were made by my mom as well and I made the flower hanging backdrop. 

Ever's flower crown + dress + socks + shoes

My dress + shoes

Unicorn pinata

Unicorn cake topper

Stuffed unicorn

Mini cake stand

Floral garland

Plates + napkins + cups + straws: Twigs and Twirls LLC

Or, click through the photos below for direct links: