Favorite things: baby Einstein

"Great minds start little." That's Baby Einstein's philosophy, and it's so true. Our babes, from the time they're born, are sponges, soaking up every little thing they see and hear and taste and touch. 

That's why we love the 3-in-1 Snack and Discover Seat by Baby Einstein (available at Babies R Us), because it encourages baby to reach developmental milestones like sitting up, snacking, and sitting with family at the table, as well as encourages learning, laughing, and family moments. There are 3 parts to the seat: Support Seat for the floor, Snack and Activity Seat with tray for the floor, and Chair Top Booster Seat strapped to a chair. It's super easy to move from one place to another around the house, and there's a soft and removable foam material on the seat which adds comfort and makes it easy to clean. 

Removable flash cards and crab spinner toy.

Removable flash cards and crab spinner toy.

The 3-in-1 positioning seat engages baby during snack and play time with the Ocean Pals. When baby is starting to learn to sit up, you can place the seat on the floor for support. The tray rotates 360 degrees so baby can reach all the toys. And when you need to take baby out, the tray easily opens out of the way. There's also a little place for snacks so baby can learn during snack time. Ever loves being stimulated by something while she's snacking (don't we all?), so this seat if perfect for her to play with while she's being nourished at the same time. The flashcards also encourage me to play along with her. I can sit on the floor and we can learn about different animals together.


You can also strap the seat safely to a chair and have baby join you at the dinner table. Ever loves this, because, I assume, she feels like a big girl. This allows baby, or toddler, to engage during family time.


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*I wrote this review/blog post while participating in the Kids II blogger campaign and received monetary compensation and free product to facilitate my review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.