Fit Friday

Nap time, oh nap time. I love you. You allow me to do so many things like snack on those cookies I dont want to share, and binge watch that show on Netflix I don't want Ever to watch, and even maybe get a workout in. 

This is a simple 20ish minute workout that you can easily do at home with no equipment.


Start in 2nd position, plie with the knees straight over the toes, and lift. 10x.

Fold over flat back, then squat and straighten your legs. 10x.

Back into 2nd position, reach to the right, extending the left leg and staying low in the plie, then come back to center. 10x each side.

Turn into a lunge position with the knees tracking straight over the toes. Lunge and kick, repeat. 10x each leg. 


Tricep pushups, elbow going straight back and brushing the rib cage. 10x. 

Lower onto your forearms, pressing the shoulders down with one leg extended behind (straight line from your toes to your elbows.) Tap your toes to the floor then lift. Then bending the knee, cross behind the standing leg, and extend back up. 10x each move, each leg. 

Come up onto your hands and knees, with the knee staying at a 90 degree angle, lift the leg to the side (think dog and fire hydrant), rotate out to the back, rotate to the side, then lower. 10x.

Lay down flat on your back with the knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Rotate your legs to the right, lower and tap your toes to the floor, then lift and tap in center, then rotate to the left. 10x each side. 

Then extend the legs straight up and lift your hips, then lower. 10x.

Crunches with one leg crossed over the other. 10x each leg.

Then crunches with one leg extended. 10x each leg. 

Then lift the extended leg as you crunch. 10x each leg. 


Come up to your forearms with a 90 degree angle in your hips. 

Slowly press to your palms, keeping the same angle in your hips, then lower back to your forearms. 10x.

On your forearms, arch your back, and then curl, while keeping the 90 degree angle in your hips. 10x. 

And finish out stretching!