Life lately

This week was my first official week teaching 8 classes (for the next 5 weeks) and I got pretty overwhelmed at one point. I know I've got a little too much on my plate when everything starts to fall apart haha. When I get overwhelmed with all the things I have to do I think about it constantly and don't pay attention to real life in front of me. I'm trying to learn how to balance my time and well as my brain power on one task at a time, instead of thinking about all of them all the time and getting stressed out. 


Family evening walks to tacos.


Evvie and I had a beach day this week. We got there early, around 10am before the crowds, and left when tons of people started showing up. I snapped a few pictures of her in her new suit from Love by Willow, and then put the camera down and soaked up our time together and it was the sweetest. Just me and her. She wanted to play in the water the entire time, and I wasn't complaining. 


Lost of ice cream was eaten this week. 


The highlight of our week was definitely Ever's first dance class at the studio where I taught before and all through my pregnancy with her. Being a dancer myself, I've always dreamed of watching my own daughter light up as she dances her heart out and that's exactly what happened. She LOVED it just like I knew she would. You can see the video I posted of my favorite clips from the class on my IGTV channel


The weather has been amazing so we had another beach day with one of my best friends and her two little boys. This time Ever refused to stick toe in the water. 

Strawberries for breakfast! Why not.

I'd driven by this strawberry stand a few times and kept meaning to stop, then finally dragged Jesse there with me to pick up some local strawberries and take an outfit picture (or 2 or 3). 


I was bummed they were out of organic strawberries, but the guy said the regular strawberries are grown the same, they're just not certified. So I believed him and we bought some anyway. 

My outfit, though, is not something I would have worn a year ago. But a little while ago I was getting so bored with my boring style so I decided to be brave and start wearing things that were fun and not necessarily "safe". I posted on my insta stories about these pants when I first got them and I really didn't like them. The material was not what I expected and I was kinda disappointed. But they grew on me and now they're my favorite.  My whole outfit is linked below.

We got a mirror! Two, actually... I bought one from Hobby Lobby that I loved online, it was so cute and round but when it arrived it just didn't work. It was too small and looked very awkward. So that same day I checked target, not sure why I didn't before, and found this beautifully perfect mirror. It's perfect. And beautiful. And so reasonably priced! Bring on the mirror selfies! 

If you've gotten this far, thanks for reading and keeping up with the Suarezes. Until next time, xoxo