Los Aviones

We woke up bright and early because of daylight savings, and found ourselves with so much time before church. So we decided to take Ever to see her beloved airplanes that she loves to watch take off from the airport near our house.

We also noted an aviation museum that we're gonna have to explore when we have more time, it looked really cool. Also, Jesse loves museums. I'm like eh. But I'll do it for the hubby. 

Speaking of daylight savings...

What even is sleep? I used to know. But man, this year's kicked my butt. Losing that hour in march changed me, and I feel like my body never got used to it. So even though we woke up earlier than normal, I felt like a new woman gettin that hour back. I really can't deal with 5pm sunsets, however. 



Ever's dress is from Adorn the Fawn and shoes from Adelisa and Co. 

Now that Ever is walking I feel better putting her down and letting her explore more. Because she won't get as dirty. But she's still not over the stage where she puts everything in her mouth so I still have to keep a close eye on her. Also, if I set her down and she gets a taste of freedom there's no picking her up again. She would literally jump out of my arms if she could. 

My jacket is from Shop Stevie and it's seriously so comfort and cozy. 

My teething necklace is from Mama & Little. Ever loves these necklaces. She loves to chew on them in the car seat especially. And you can use the code morgan to get 15% off! 

She's like "mom let me runnnnn!'

And then she ran away so I was like "okay, solo shot"