Shimmer & Shine | Nick Jr. + Kohls

You're never too young to start playing dress up.  Or too young to play with dolls. 

What is it about dolls that draw little girls to them, no matter how old they are? As soon as I opened the box full of Ever's new Shimmer & Shine toys from Kohls, she got so excited and kept playing with the dolls still inside their packaging. It was the cutest thing. And then when I pulled out the music playing microphone, that was a whole different level of excitement.  

You can find her Dress-Up Trunk here, the microphone here, and the dolls here + here



When the microphone plays its music, Ever can't help but dance along. I'm sure she feels like a rockstar. 


She is obsessed with the wrist cuffs included in the Dress-Up Trunk, she kept staring at the pretty colors. I'm sure she feels like a princess. 


I'm so glad Ever has enough hair for these cute clips. And she didn't even try to take them out!


I love the Dress-Up Trunk because once she's finished playing, I can just pack everything up inside for later. I don't have to worry about losing all the cute little pieces. 


This post is sponsored by Nick Jr. with product c/o Kohls. As always, all opinions are my own.