Utah | a vacation

Another trip to Utah, of course, because Ever needs to see her beloved and much missed grandparents. We usually drive, but this time we decided to fly. We thought it would be easier and take less time, but we actually realized it took more time and effort. Figures. Guess we'll be driving from now on. The only plus is that we weren't soooo exhausted like we normally are when we drive. 


Ever was just as we expected on the flight. Wiggly and bored. But the flight was only 47 minutes and we kept distracting her with snacks, so it wasn't too bad. The way back, on the other hand, was a different story. 

The reason we planned the trip was for my best friends wedding that I was in. Jesse only got to stay a few days because he had to go back to work, but I decided to stay for a whole week. And then I flew back by myself which was easier than I thought but still a little stressful. Jesse always helps so much with Ever so when he's not there I feel a little overwhelmed. Because she's quite the handful. But again, we survived. 

The day of the wedding all the bridesmaids and the bride had a spa day. So I left Ever with my mom and got pampered. And I didn't take any pictures. But Jesse took these at the wedding busy. Β 



Snow Canyon State Park is one of my places in St.George. It's so close to where my parents live and it is so breathtakingly beautiful. I just love Utah.Β 

We got pizza and apple pie and had a picnic and it was lovely. Β 

i wasn't expecting a hike, so I wore my cute new heels. They were surprisingly good hiking shoes, though. Β 

Hanging out with my sister and nephew at her house. She also forced me to workout with her. How rude. Β 

Hanging out with my sister and nephew at her house. She also forced me to workout with her. How rude. Β 


And then the battery to our camera died, and we (I) forgot the charger at home so I didn't take any more pictures. Β 

We didn't do much else besides spend time with my family, which is exactly what we needed. Sometimes you don't have to go on an adventure every day. Just being with the ones you love is enough.