Utah in October | a vacation

Utahhhhhhhh. How many blogs can I write about Utah? We usually visit my family in southern Utah, but this time we did a little family vacation in Park City area for the weekend, then spent another 3 days with our friend in SLC. I love northern Utah, and was not so secretly hoping Jesse would fall as in love with it as I am and beg me to move there. But, yeah, that didn't happen... 

Here in SoCal, we don't get seasons, and that might be the biggest thing I miss about Utah besides my family. So it was amazing getting to experience fall in it's truest form for a few days, and even a little bit of winter. 

As always, we took millions of pictures. I don't have the energy to write down every little thing we did, ate, and saw, so here's just a big old photo dump.